Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Last weekend whilst I was taking my street style photos, I stopped a man, stylish,
well presented and as it happened someone who was about to help me out a lot.
After taking his photo, he asked wether I was looking for work experience which of
course I am, he then went on to tell me he was the head of the menswear buying department
 at Republic. A week later I found myself working in the Leeds Head Office as a buying 
assistant. I can not belive my luck, definatly not something that happens every day!

I have done 2 days so far, and I am really enjoying such a great oppurtunity. I have agreed
to a three week placement helping the buying team for the mens wear brand Crafted that is
featured at Republic. Yesterday I was asked to create two Autumn/Winter looks to be worn
on the manequins for the VM window. Aswell as sitting in on a suppliers meeting, looking at
 new products that are brought to the brand. Today was fittings day, where a Crafted model
tries on stock sent from suppliers, I was asked to make notes on any adjusments and then pass
them on. It was hard staring at a model for an hour but somebody has to do it!

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