Thursday, 26 July 2012

Meet the Superhumans

Although many people living in London are dreading it, I’m quite looking forward to the start of the Olympics, in particular the Paralympics. Every time I turn on the TV I seem to catch same advert supporting the Paralympics ‘Meet the Superhumans’ campaign and each time it grabs my attention. I admire the way Channel 4 have portrayed the athletes and their approach to telling their stories. To me I feel a lot more interested and intrigued to watch the Parlalympics after the release of the campaign, and the idea of watching the ‘superhumans’. Director Tom Tagholm said, "We knew we had to make some noise. We knew we had to add some edge and grit and attitude.” The campaign has been a huge success, with critics saying ‘its put other Olympics adverts to shame’ and I think I have to agree.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Porn is moving

Slightly crude but still love this. Great way to let viewers know that internet porn was moving to the new .xxx domain, playful work from M&C Saatchi.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

vending trending

I originally started writing this post on the latest BOS Iced tea vending machine campaign and the term 'vending trending'. But when I researched the different ways vending machines are being used in marketing I found Unicefs Dirty Water campaign. We have all seen the adverts on tv about developing countries having to drink dirty water but when the people of New York were presented with the same dirty water, it finally hit home. With the choice of 'Hepatitas water' and 'Typhoid Water' priced at $1 many people got involved and helped to donate. With the alternative option to text, one dollar could provide a child with 40 days of clean water. The campaign was a huge success and spread online and offline around the world.

I think its easy to be impressed by brands like Coke and BOS for their attempt to create a cool marketing vending machine but when organisations like Unicef create lifechanging machine they deserve a lot more recognition. Unicefs approach was subtle, it got the hard hitting fact across that the consumption of clean water is still an issue world wide whilst collecting donations in the process.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

the power of Youtube

Anyone who has a blog knows that it takes a lot of reading and searching through websites for inspiration, today I read through a lot of rubbish but eventually I found this. Ad agency BBH created a short tutorial on 'how to look your best the morning after' but the video is not quite the make up advice you'd expect. The ametuer style video shows an abused women giving tips on how to cover up any bruising and cuts with the help of make up and the use of accessories. As soon as I realised what the video was supporting I was taken back by the idea. Combining the simple concept of Youtube tutorials with the message 'Dont cover it up' has such a strong impact. Its not an easy issue to tackle but its possibly one of my favourite ads of seen in a while.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


“If you keep your mouth shut people will always underestimate you” – Mobstr

Named after his pet lobster, the London based street artist Mobstr is known for his hilariously witty typographic interventions sprawled across walls and billboards. Solely using typography to get his views across, Mobstr targets public spaces in cities to demonstrate his opinion on the overwhelming use of advertising. Sarcastic and straight to the point, his minimalist style appears to be grabbing the right attention, even if it is from us ‘bloggers’. Its nice to see a new style appearing within street art, especially when its challenging the authenticity of advertising and prompting the viewer to question their relationship with public environments.

To view more of his work visit