Sunday, 27 November 2011

Typography Portraits

I came across typography portraits a while back and I really wanted to make one,
but just haven't had time. Finally a weekend of no plans meant I have been stuck to my computer for the past two days. As a break from essay writing, I played around with creating my own typography portrait, I used a photo of myself and built up layers of the letter 's' and this was the outcome. Although it did take longer then I hoped, it has actually turned out quite well, could be interesting to use as a piece of self promotion for my university work.


Friday, 25 November 2011


I recently came across the work of Sarah Illenberger, a berlin based illustrator, creative director
and set designer. I first saw her work in a creative advertising book, her green vegetable dress stuck in my memory which led me to visit her online portfolio. I could literally spend all day searching through her work, from food faces to kitchen art she has a completely unique way of thinking when it comes to presentation. I think my favourite piece of her was the celebration of Viagras 10th birthday featured in Vanity Fair. A series of stratgically formed cacti which I couldnt help but be amused by the simplicity of the idea. If your stuck on inspiration Sarah Illlenberger's work will refresh you with abstract and inspirational ideas you cant forget.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


A store recommended by our tutor for its visual merchandising was LNCC. Having to book an
appointment to visit the shop in advance meant we were up and travelling to Hackney pretty early, and how it was worth it. The underground store is made up of seven concept rooms that focuses on creating an experience like no other, touching all your senses, the smell, sounds and variety of lighting had somewhat of a soothing effect. I think the core to its stunning visuals is the architecture, the angles created by the raw materials have a way of directing you around the store and offers such a refreshing non generic setting. Aswell as showcasing a variety of designers products throughout the store, there is also a nightclub attached, which is used for the brands private functions. I can honestly say I have never visited a store that had such an effect on my mood, I left feeling relaxed and calm which is a rare experience. It is a must see for not only visual merchandising fans but anyone who is looking for something new.

Monday, 21 November 2011

LDN: Dazed and Confused

 Fashion-able images September 1998 issue

Whilst we were in London we made sure we crammed in as much as possible, including the Dazed and Confused exhibition at Somerset House. Im really glad we made it to the exhibition because in true Dazed and Confused style they displayed some of their most contreversal pieces of imagery. The exhibition led you through the magazine decade by decade, along with two rooms dedicated to the memory of Alexander Mcqueen and the ideas he contributed to Dazed and Confused. The last room based on Fashion-Able, a concept by Alexander Mcqueen and photographed by Nick Knight was the most inspiring to me. The photos were of people with varying physical disabilities, a topic that many people would be scared to tackle in the fashion industry. Only a designer like Alexander Mcqueen would be brave enough to suggest and execute such a sensitive subject matter. I read further into this shoot and McQueens aim was to show that our "preconceptions of beauty are too narrow by far, and to prove that all those cast – painstakingly and predominantly through charitable organisations – were lovely in their own entirely individual way." It is work like this that demonstrates what a talented and inspirational designer Mcqueen really was. If you get chance I would definately recommend a visit to the exhibition.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

LDN: Street Art

The first of many posts about my week spent in London is on Street Art. This seems to be my new fascination, without even looking for it, I was surounded by various types of wall art from the cookie monster to amazing portraits. These photos were taken in and around Shoreditch, and each one stood out to me, more so than the vintage sale signs on brick lane. I cannot wait to go to Berlin in January and continue to find these amazing pieces of art, I have also seen a couple of books I would like to invest in starting with Art in the Streets. I think this will be a new hobby for me so keep looking for more street art photos.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


New York based artist, Bela Borsodi designs these fantastic faces using fashion pieces for Yalook. Really nice and simple way of styling, I have seen this done before for other brands but this is a playful take on the idea. Today we were asked if we wanted to start a course magazine similar to Pigeons and Peacocks by the students at LCF, this might be an interesting idea for a styling article.

Monday, 14 November 2011


Visiting London later this week, I am trying to do a brief plan of what I want to do
when I get there as keen as that may be. We were briefed on our visit and given a list of restaurants, shops and bars that were worth visiting. One that stood out to me was Sketch, a place for food, art and music located in an 18th century building in Mayfair.With its stunning lecture rooms, Swarovski encrusted woodland bars and an ever changing video restaurant, Sketch looks amazing. This is one of the many places I insist on going to, along with LNCC, Dazed and Confused Exhibition and Bubbleolegy.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


After constantly being impressed with Volkswagen's latest advert I looked further into
their previous ad campaigns and found the "Bollocks" video on youtube. Forty seconds of humourous advertising gives Volkswagen the edge to stand out against other car brands and communicate their individuality. Simple but effective.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The alternative to fur.

To crave my boredom on my four hour coach to London I bought a new magazine I had never seen before, Pigeons and Peacocks. Attracted by its nice quality paper and edgy imagery, I delved into the magazine and  despite the fact it was £5 it was such a good purchase. Articles on "Northernism", up and coming designers and even a surprisingly interesting article on Postmodernism kept me entertained for my journey.

One article that I really enjoyed was on London College of Fashion student Natalie Rae and her printed fur designs. Inspired by Ryan Berkleys animal portraits, the fashion design student, translates fur through print as she finds the idea of fur "grotesque". Her designs are absolutely stunning, I love the way that she has taken the simple idea of the texture of fur and made it into a print. It looks amazing and I would convert from real fur to wear her work.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Camden Town

After reviewing the new online fashion label Three Floor at the weekend, I decided to venture around London and made it to Camden. Despite the fact my feet were killing, I wondered the streets and instantly fell in love with it. From shoes merging out of buildings to amazing street art, Camden was the definition of cool. Quirky stalls with stunning pieces of jewellery, art and vintage clothing made it so hard for me not to spend money, I cannot wait to go back in a few weeks and make some purchases. Whilst I was there
I also took a few street style photos have a look -

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Three Floor Press Day

After handing out my business cards at London Fashion Week I recieved an invitation to 
a press day for the new online fashion label, Three Floor. Taking place at the House of St. Barnabas in Soho, I was invited to view the first collection and review it on my blog. I was so pleased I had been invited to the event as it is a great place to network and get my blog noticed. I arrived at the launch at 11am, located in the beautiful victorian house the clothing was displayed in boutique like style where I was introduced to the two designers who talked me through the collection. Starting with the stunning laser cut dresses, their aim is attention detail, creating one off pieces with delicate finishes. In contrast to the dresses hung the softest jumpers ever, the simple mint green and white geometric designs are a must have for this winter. Moving onto their  biker inspired range were snakeskin prints, padded leather and two toned shirts. The designs were a fresh take on current trends, from jewelled collars to intricate detailing Three Floor is a brand to watch out for. Ive already got my eye on various pieces of the collection, follow this link to their website to see more.