Monday, 5 September 2011

Leeds Fashion Show

When I finished uni for the summer, I sent my cv to various companies looking for work
experience and surprise I had no reply. Until a couple of weeks ago I noticed I had an
email in my junk and it was from Leeds Fashion Show. Saying that they were very impressed
with my cv and would love for me to join the team. Having completely forgot I emailed in the first
place I was pleasantly surprised! The email also explained there was a meet and greet party which
I attended at the weekend. Was quite a nice night to be able to meet the models, photograhers,
and the designers.

This is the shows 6th year, get your tickets from here

1 comment:

  1. Love your work and your blog site!! :) I am one of the designers that you met from the networking night, I am the girl in the 3rd photo from the top of this page :) Asobi Fashion is my brand.
    If you ever want me to write for one of your blogs about setting up my own fashion business, I would be happy to write for you site :)xx