Monday, 18 February 2013

Durex delivers.

When I first started watching this I thought this definitely had to be a joke. But no Durex really are about to create the best delivery service yet, SOS Condoms. For those unfortunate situations where your not quite prepared, the new location based app service discretely delivers condoms within the hour between 4pm and 4am. Accomadating to the universal issue of never having a condom when you need one, Durex in Dubai are the first city to be blessed with the new campaign. But visit the website and vote for the city you want to next have this service and you too could be saved from that awkward situation. Whether it be a pizza delivery or being pulled over by the police, Durex are there for you. Demonstrating their ability to always be ahead of the game, as cheesy as the video is, this is probably one of their best ideas yet. Get voting if you want London to be the next place.

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