Saturday, 14 July 2012

vending trending

I originally started writing this post on the latest BOS Iced tea vending machine campaign and the term 'vending trending'. But when I researched the different ways vending machines are being used in marketing I found Unicefs Dirty Water campaign. We have all seen the adverts on tv about developing countries having to drink dirty water but when the people of New York were presented with the same dirty water, it finally hit home. With the choice of 'Hepatitas water' and 'Typhoid Water' priced at $1 many people got involved and helped to donate. With the alternative option to text, one dollar could provide a child with 40 days of clean water. The campaign was a huge success and spread online and offline around the world.

I think its easy to be impressed by brands like Coke and BOS for their attempt to create a cool marketing vending machine but when organisations like Unicef create lifechanging machine they deserve a lot more recognition. Unicefs approach was subtle, it got the hard hitting fact across that the consumption of clean water is still an issue world wide whilst collecting donations in the process.

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