Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Business Cards

Second university task, was to design a business card and plan an event for our tutor Michelle. 
We did various research into Michelle and found out she used be a researcher and owns her own
 research company. So as it is a business card, we focussed on selling Michelle as a researcher, after various brainstorming we came up with the event of a Murder Mystery night, although it is a bit tacky it also shows a fun side to Micelle as a researcher. When designing the event I thought of Barbara Krugers work and how well her text and imagery works together. This then lead us onto our business cards, Barbara Krugers most famous piece of art is "I shop therefore I know", we thought about how we could translate this into a card for Michelle, and came up with "I research therefore I know". This confidence and memorable card makes you feel assured that Michelle is the right researcher for you. We designed two other cards reading "the key to
research is knowing what to ask" and "the answer wont find itself".

Overall I was really pleased with outcome, and after presenting to the tutors we
 recieved positive feedback on both our ideas and our presentation skills.

What are your thoughts?

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