Tuesday, 11 October 2011

my personality.

First week back at uni and of course we were given various projects to get started on,
including this piece of work - my personality. We were given various topics and I chose,

transport - plane
comfort - my best friends
possesion - chanel handbag
pastime - photography
music - the xx
place - new york
aversion - dogs
weather - heat
book - fashion designers sketchbok
shoes - leopard print boots

 l decided to illustrate my work and I actually really enjoyed doing it.

Would love feedback.


  1. wow so good steph! did you hand draw these? xx

  2. thanks :) yeh, well i drew them on my laptop, tooka while! xx

  3. really beautiful and they look so lovely all together. miss you x

  4. Looks really good Stef love the final comp :)

  5. Sooo good! Love these drawings xx

  6. yes very good :), however aversion to dogs?! you obviously haven't met my little cutie! good work gurl x