Wednesday, 23 November 2011


A store recommended by our tutor for its visual merchandising was LNCC. Having to book an
appointment to visit the shop in advance meant we were up and travelling to Hackney pretty early, and how it was worth it. The underground store is made up of seven concept rooms that focuses on creating an experience like no other, touching all your senses, the smell, sounds and variety of lighting had somewhat of a soothing effect. I think the core to its stunning visuals is the architecture, the angles created by the raw materials have a way of directing you around the store and offers such a refreshing non generic setting. Aswell as showcasing a variety of designers products throughout the store, there is also a nightclub attached, which is used for the brands private functions. I can honestly say I have never visited a store that had such an effect on my mood, I left feeling relaxed and calm which is a rare experience. It is a must see for not only visual merchandising fans but anyone who is looking for something new.

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