Sunday, 1 January 2012

New year, new goals

With the start of 2012 finally here, its time for me to think about my goals for the year. 
Yes as sad as that may sound, these past three months have flown by and I want to make the most of this next year. With the obvious, loose weight and keep on top of work goals, something I'd really like to progress in is photography. I really enjoy doing it when I have time, I just don't do it enough. I recently bought the publication Frankie, an independent Australian  magazine that covers art, photography, fashion, craft and design. The whole feel to the magazine is refreshing, so I visited their on line website which is where I found this really sweet photo. Jessie Alymore explains how to make shapes in the areas of your photos that are out of focus. Its things like this that make me want to play around with my camera more and start producing my own style of photography. First on my to do list for 2012 is to join a photography class.

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