Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Who cares?

When the Swedish armed forces needed to recruit more young people, they decided to create a campaign that would test how far people are willing to go for one another. The digitally intergrated event consisted of one person sitting in a box until someone replaced them. The question was: Who cares? Every hour a door would open, and if someone else was there to take their place, they could leave.

The campaign directed people towards a live-streamed website where they could follow the person in the box in real time via 4 different cameras. But visitors to the site could do absolutely nothing to help him. Unlike many other social campaigns no like or tweet could save them. The only way to help was to physically take the place yourself.

With nearly double the applicants, the campaign was clearly successful as people all over city visited to take part. I think what I like the most about this idea was that it went against many social networking campaigns, and insisted that you physically got involved. It’s not an easy thing to have to promote but I think they have approached it in a really memorable and unusual way.

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