Monday, 4 June 2012

Dream Job

Finally finished university for the summer and couldn’t be happier. My lack of posting was mainly due to my never-ending workflow towards the last few weeks, in particular my portfolio. One of the briefs set was to think of a way to grab the attention of a dream employer. With advertising being the career I intend of venturing into, I considered the ways in which I could stand out to creative director Damon Collins who previously worked for Y&R Advertising.

In order to grab his attention, I researched his interests and hobbies and discovered he has a strong love for Nike trainers, as he owns 47 pairs. With this in mind I suggested sending him a pair of paper Nike trainers designed by the illustrator David Brownings, with nothing but a QR code placed on the shoebox lid. The limited branding and lack of explanation aimed to intrigue Damon into scanning the QR code, which would then lead him straight to my online portfolio.

Understanding who you are targetting can make things a whole lot easier.

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